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What can neo treat?

We can treat most categories of infertility, including recurrent miscarriage, low ovarian reserve, unexplained infertility,
& more.


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We’ve helped hundreds of couples build families, even after years of miscarriages & infertility.


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NeoFertility is a Dublin, Ireland-based fertility clinic helping couples conceive naturally with restorative reproductive medicine.

Adjusted live birth rate for all patients, including those who quit treatment early, using Life Table Analysis


Live Birth Rate after previously failed IVF


Live Birth Rate after recurrent miscarriage

We leverage restorative reproductive healthcare to provide…

We work to identify and treat the specific underlying causes of your fertility problems through timed blood tests, fertility charting, scans, lifestyle changes, & surgery, if necessary.

We can resolve the precise reasons for nearly every category of infertility with a gentle, non-invasive approach to restore & balance your cycle to help you conceive naturally.


Our treatment is a process over time. Success rates increase the longer you’re in treatment. Our Adjusted live birth rate for all patients who complete the programme is 53.6%.


To us, you aren’t a number; you’re an individual. We personalise treatment to your unique clinical situation, helping you reach optimal health for natural conception.

Hear from our past patients on their journey to conceiving their babies with the help of NeoFertility…

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100% Refund if you do not have a baby

If you have not had a baby after completing the NeoFertility 100% Refund Treatment Plan, we’ll refund your payment in full.

Why Choose NeoFertility Instead of IVF?

A Higher Rate of Success

NeoFertility’s Treatment Plan boasts a higher rate of success than IVF. According to the HFEA (2017), IVF’s overall live birth rate per treatment cycle was 26.4%. Our adjusted live birth rate including all patients, even those who quit treatment early, is 53.6%

Neo Works Where IVF Doesn’t

IVF clinics don’t treat women with a BMI over 35. And if you have low AMH or advanced maternal age, IVF recommends treatment with donor eggs. NeoFertility treatment has proven successful time and again with high BMI and using your own eggs, even with low AMH or advanged maternal age.

Identify & Solve the Reasonsfor Infertility

IVF is an ineffective solution to recurrent miscarriage. Our treatment takes the time to understand your unique physiology and to resolve deficiencies to balance and restore your cycle, often resulting in repeat healthy pregnancies.

Be Empowered to UnderstandYour Cycle

Our treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it is unique to your body and health. We gather, analyse, and respond to data from bloods, ultrasounds, & your fertility chart to provide a more thorough treatment. You’ll learn to understand your cycle and be an active participant in healing and balancing your cycle.

Improve Overall Health

As we address underlying disorders (PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid disorders) and hormone imbalance, you’ll feel better as we work to solve the root causes of PMS, fatigue, mood swings, and other symptoms of an unbalanced cycle.


We’re doctors with a passion for helping couples build their families by listening to
the patient’s body & restoring it to full reproductive health.

Dr. phil boyle

Dr. Phil Boyle graduated from Medicine in Galway University in 1992 and is a member of the both the Irish (MICGP)…


Dr. Agnes Toth graduated in Medicine from Semmelweis University Budapest in 1999 and she is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber.

Dr. Codruta Pandalache

Dr Codruta Pandalache graduated General Medicine from Oradea Medicine and Pharmacy university Romania in 2006…


Conception rate for patients who undergo NeoFertility treatment

Less than 2%

Multiple Birth Rate


Cost of Treatment Plan

NeoFertility Treatment is More Personal, Gentle, & Successful Compared to IVF/IUI


To us, you’re human — not a number. Through your impaired fertility, your body is trying to tell us something is wrong. We take the time to listen.

Our approach is simple: we investigate why your fertility is impaired and correct these issues to balance and restore your cycle. You get in-depth information about what’s going on in your body, and are an active participant in your treatment plan and healing.


We use gentle, non-invasive methods to bring your cycle into balance. We utilise hormone supplementation, various medications to help ensure ovulation, fertility charting, and lifestyle changes to improve your overall health & treat the underlying causes of impaired fertility.

If necessary, we will recommend surgical intervention to correct issues like endometriosis. Our treatment plan has the effect of improving your overall health with little to no side effects.


We get to the root of what’s causing you to have trouble conceiving through gathering and analysing data from blood draws, ultrasound scans, lifestyle changes, and your fertility chart.

Restoring your body’s natural function results in higher live birth rates per treatment cycle than IVF, healthier moms and babies, and repeat successful pregnancies even after treatment.

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NeoFertility Treatment Plan

If you’ve been trying to conceive for 12 months or more with no success, are considering IVF, or have been given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, contact us for a consultation.

Our Treatment Plan is not a guarantee, but we can greatly enhance your chance of success with our holistic, restorative approach.


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