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What is NeoFertility?

NeoFertility is a Dublin, Ireland-based fertility clinic helping couples conceive naturally by finding & treating the root causes of fertility problems.

Our mission is to help couples have babies with love and science.

A Restorative Approach to Helping Couples Conceive

Our approach to fertility treatment is simple: if you have a fertility problem, there always has to be an underlying reason. Identifying and treating those specific reasons will resolve the problem and restore your reproductive health.

Other fertility treatment methods like IVF view infertility as an acute problem with an acute solution. We see infertility not as a diagnosis in itself, but as the body’s way of expressing an underlying ill health condition.

That’s why we embrace a restorative approach to reproductive healthcare. Our treatment is all about addressing the root cause of fertility issues to restore balance to your cycle to improve your chances of conceiving naturally.

Compared to IVF/IUI, NeoFertility’s treatment plan is…

More affordable

Our treatment plan is remarkably less expensive than even one round of IVF, and easily fits within most budgets. Our Standard Treatment Plan is €2000, and we also offer a 100% Refund Treatment Plan for a higher fee. Learn more here.

Able to Treat what IVF Can’t

IVF/IUI can’t treat women with high BMI or recurrent miscarriage, and those with low AMH must use donor eggs. NeoFertility, however, has had success in patients with high BMI and patients use their own eggs even with low AMH. And, our treatment works to identify and resolve the root cause(s) of recurrent miscarriage.

Treatment with fewer side effects

Our treatment is gentle and non-invasive, with substantially fewer side effects than IVF. Our approach aims to restore balance to your cycle, so a natural effect is that your overall health will improve as your hormones become balanced and illnesses like endometriosis are addressed.

Empowering couples to active participants in treatment

At NeoFertility, we treat each patient as the individual they are. We don’t apply a one-size-fits-all treatment to our patients. We approach your clinical situation with a customised treatment plan to give your body what it needs to balance your cycle and restore reproductive health.

Addressing the root cause of fertility problems

We don’t bypass the reproductive system — we work to understand it and respond to it’s needs in order to restore balance and function. Our treatment plans are aimed at your unique clinical situation, working to identify and treat the underlying causes of fertility problems.

Safer for moms and babies

IVF has a consistently double-digit multiple pregnancy rate (twins, triplets, etc.). Our treatment is safer and healthier for moms and babies with a multiple pregnancy rate of less than 2%. Our average birth weight is 7 lbs 7 oz, and most pregnancies are full term (38 weeks).

Helping couples have healthy future pregnancies

Many of our couples go on to have multiple healthy pregnancies in the future even long after NeoFertility treatment. Once we resolve the underlying issues impeding conception, your overall health and fertility are improved.

A More Effective Fertility Treatment than IVF

Our success rates are substantially higher than IVF. According to the HFEA, in 2017 the simple live birth rate for IVF was 26.4%. 


NeoFertility’s average live birth rate for all patients who complete the programme is 53.6%. 


Our live birth rates dwarf IVF/IUI success rates. In addition, NeoFertility’s unique, restorative treatment plan is superior to IVF/IUI in its affordability, holistic approach to health, and in treating the patient as the unique individual they are.

NeoFertility: We Help Couples Have Babies with Love & Science

Our goal is to help you restore & balance your cycle so you’re in optimal health for natural conception.

There is always an underlying reason for infertility.


IVF and IUI often bypass and overlook the root causes of infertility, which is why they often fail. It sees infertility as an acute problem with an acute solution.


Our treatment plan identifies & treats the underlying reasons for your infertility.

Infertility or impaired fertility is an expression of an underlying ill health condition, not a diagnosis in itself. We identify & resolve the underlying causes of infertility with multiple sustained interventions, customised to each patient’s clinical situation.


What NeoFertility Can Treat

NeoFertility is an option for almost any couple facing fertility challenges, and even those couples who want to optimise reproductive health before determining there is a fertility issue.

Learn More About What NeoFertility Can Treat

Our patients have had successful, healthy pregnancies after overcoming the following with NeoFertility treatment:

In addition, our treatment can help treat premenstrual syndrome, as well as postnatal depression. Once a couple conceives, we provide routine blood tests and scans during the most vulnerable first few months of pregnancy.

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