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NeoFertility Treatment Plan

At NeoFertility, our treatment plan is personal, gentle, and non-invasive.

There is always a specific reason for fertility problems in each patient we treat. Our treatment plan works to first identify the underlying causesof fertility problems. We then work to address and correct these issues with asgentle a treatment as possible to restore your reproductive health.

Our approach is a restorative process over time, not an instant or quick fixapproach. Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, balanced cycle so yourbody is in optimal health to conceive and maintain a successful pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment Process with NeoFertility

Phase 1: Identifying Causes of Fertility Issues

The goal at this stage is to take a general survey of your overall health and gather data to help us identify the root causes of your fertility problems. At this point, we’re working to identify imbalances in your hormones and deficiencies in your cycle that are keeping you from getting pregnant. We also emphasize improving your overall health as a first step to restoring and balancing your cycle.

This phase includes:

During this phase, you will also begin tracking your cycle with the guidance of one of our Fertility Advisors, as cycle charting is invaluable in helping us to identify hormone imbalances and physiological disorders that cause fertility problems.

Phase 2: balancing Your Cycle

In Phase 2, we respond to what we learned in Phase 1 from the data gathered from your blood draws and fertility chart. By this time we have a clearer picture of the deficiencies in your cycle that are making it difficult for you to conceive. The goal of Phase 2 is to respond, with as gentle a treatment as possible, to ensure your cycle is balanced and restored, and that you are ovulating normally.

This phase includes:

At this stage, we may discover one or several disorders are making it difficult for you to conceive (i.e, adrenal fatigue, thyroid system dysfunction, chronic endometritis). We will treat any disorders with prescription treatment, and may apply other innovative methods to improve responsiveness to follicle stimulating treatment (such as Low Dose Naltrexone, HCG, Letrozole, Lenograstim).

Phase 3: allowing conception over 1-12 cycles

In Phase 3, we have ensured your hormone levels are healthy and in the optimal range, you have a normal chart, and we have proven follicle rupture by ultrasound.

At this stage, all medical issues have been successfully corrected and your cycle is healthy and balanced. At this point, it is normal for conception to take between 1 to 12 cycles. If conception has not occurred after 6 good cycles, we consider surgical referral if necessary.

During Phase 3, we encourage our patients to recognise the importance of the heart and mind once they have a healthy, balanced cycle — to trust the process and approach trying to conceive not with stress and worry, but with a hopeful optimism that your body is now healthy enough to support conception.

Support During Pregnancy

Support and treatment from NeoFertility does not end when you get a positive pregnancy test! We provide careful monitoring and testing, especially during the first 7 weeks of your pregnancy as this is the most vulnerable time. To closely monitor your health and that of your baby during this time, we will:

We will continue to monitor your pregnancy with blood tests every 2-3 weeks, and provide hormone support as needed.

Focused Fertility Treatment forAdvancing Female Age

It is well known that fertility declines with advancing female age. Studies have also shown that age has a negative effect on male fertility, as well.

If you are approaching your forties and are eager to conceive, we advise initial treatment with NeoFertility even if you have no diagnosis of infertility or history of miscarriage. We have a treatment strategy for women and men of advancing age to help you:

We have growing clinical experience to suggest we can reduce these risks, but more research is needed before we can confirm our treatment is effective.

Why Choose NeoFertility Instead of IVF?

A Higher Rate of Success

NeoFertility’s Treatment Plan boasts a higher rate of success than IVF. According to the HFEA (2017), IVF’s overall live birth rate per treatment cycle was 26.4%. Our adjusted live birth rate. including all patients, even those who quit treatment early, is 53.6%

Neo Works Where IVF Doesn’t

IVF clinics don’t treat women with a BMI over 35. And if you have low AMH or advanced maternal age, IVF recommends treatment with donor eggs. NeoFertility treatment has proven successful time and again with high BMI and using your own eggs, even with low AMH or advanged maternal age is possible.

Identify & Solve the Reasons for Infertility

IVF is an ineffective solution to recurrent miscarriage. Our treatment takes the time to understand your unique physiology and to resolve deficiencies to balance and restore your cycle, often resulting in repeat healthy pregnancies.

Be Empowered to Understand Your Cycle

Our treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach, it is unique to your body and health. We gather, analyse, and respond to data from bloods, ultrasounds, & your fertility chart to provide a more thorough treatment. You’ll learn to understand your cycle and be an active participant in healing and balancing your cycle.

Improve Overall Health

As we address underlying disorders (PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid disorders) and hormone imbalance, you’ll feel better as we work to solve the root causes of PMS, fatigue, mood swings, and other symptoms of an unbalanced cycle.

NeoFertility: Helping Couples to Have Babies with Love & Science

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