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NeoFertility is a leading restorative
reproductive fertility clinic in
Dublin, Ireland.

We are with you at every step of your fertility journey. Throughout treatment, we closely monitor your progress through regular consultations and monthly monitoring in person, through email, and over the phone, adjusting treatment when necessary.

Below is an outline of our Initial Consultation process, and prices for various tests and services

provided in our Treatment Plan.


initial consultation €250

(Payable on booking and fully refundable with 48 hours notice of any cancellation)

Prior to your initial consultation, please complete our medical history and evaluation form. Bring information from previous investigations and treatments.

At this consultation, we outline the Treatment Plan in detail and give you an estimate of your chance of success in our programme. We will take a detailed medical history and conduct an ultrasound exam, if needed.

After the Initial Consultation, you can decide which payment option suits you best to commence the Treatment Plan with our practice. You may pay the total fee upfront, or pay monthly installments as outlined below.

Charting Your Cycle with a Neo Advisor

(€50 – €60 per consultation for an estimated 4 consultations throughout treatment)

We will advise you to meet with one of our NeoFertility Advisors to learn how to accurately chart your fertility cycle and correctly time your blood tests. Our Advisors provide essential ongoing support to optimise your chance of success with our Treatment Plan.

Neo Advisors accept payment directly for professional charting instruction throughout treatment. The fee is typically €50 per consultation and you may need 4 consultations throughout the entire programme.


Doctors Consultations (as advised)
Ultrasound Follicle Tracking (as advised)
Charting Book and User Manual
Copy of Charting Book and User Manual
Treatment Management, including

Pregnancy scan
Repeat Pregnancy scan
Hormone Support through pregnancy

TOTAL €1650

100% Refund if you do not have a baby

At Neo, we are so confident in our ability to successfully treat your fertility issues that we’re introducing a unique 100% Refund Treatment Plan. 100% Refund Treatment Plan Price: €4450

The following conditions apply:


1.      Payment in full received for the 100% Refund Treatment Plan

2.      Applies to women aged under 38

3.      Subject to approval after initial consultation

4.      Pregnancy must be achieved during the Treatment Plan, live birth can be achieved after completion of the Treatment Plan

5.      Treatment Plan must be completed in full for refund to apply

6.      Treatment plan duration will vary from patient to patient but for the 100% Refund purposes is limited to a maximum of 20 months

7.      Please note that the NeoFertility 100% Refund Treatment Plan is a separate plan to the NeoFertility Standard Treatment Plan. No 100% Refund applies to the NeoFertility Standard Treatment Plan


Additional Services & Tests

We may recommend any of the following services and tests, depending
on your individual assessment:

Information leaflets are available for each of these additional services and tests.

Blood tests may be taken by your GP or through our clinic.

Questions? Contact us here.


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