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2 Healthy Neo Babies with NeoFertility Treatment

By : neofertility on : 17th July 2020

In September 2015 when my husband and I decided to start our family, neither of us for a minute thought we’d have a problem conceiving.  I was 39 and Tim was 47.  9 months passed by and no positive pregnancy test.  Every monthly period brought feelings of disappointment.  Because of our ages we decided to attend an appointment at the IVF clinic.  After all, that’s what every couple who can’t have a baby does, right!  Before we knew it, we had agreed to embark on the road of IVF.  I personally found the process very unkind to my emotional state of mind.  It was draining and the worst of all is that for us, we were not successful.  It was absolutely devastating.  

It was suggested that perhaps one of my fallopian tubes might be blocked so our next stop was for me to have a laparoscopy.  During the procedure they checked both of my fallopian tubes and checked for Endometritis.  Both tubes were clear and there was no sign of Endometritis.

Chatting to a friend of mine in 2016 who works in the world of science, she mentioned NeoFertility to me and the following day I called and Linda explained the process to me in great detail.  We made an appointment to discuss the plan with a consultant and immediately started charting.  Because we had gone down the IVF route previously, we had answers to some medical tests we had already performed.  We knew my AMH was low at 4 and that both my fallopian tubes were unblocked.  

I started treatment with NeoFertility and within 6 weeks we received the news we had been waiting for.  We were over the moon.  My brother in law has 2 babies conceived with fertility treatment and he describes pregnancy like watching your football team score a goal in the first minute of a match but then you have to wait another 89 minutes to see if they’ll win.  With the weekly monitoring by Dr Boyle I had peace of mind throughout my pregnancy.  We had to make a few adjustments along the way but 9 months later we welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby girl into our lives.  

When Sarah was 7 months old, we visited with Dr Boyle again about having a second baby.  At the time I was breastfeeding and he suggested I stopped to give my body a chance to return to my monthly cycle.  We followed his instructions to the letter and again started treatment.  5 months later we learned that our family would be complete with a new baby.  In April 2019, Emily was born.

I wear my heart on my sleeve and I am happy to share our fertility journey with people.  I found the process with Neo extremely gentle and natural.  We are eternally grateful to Dr Boyle and the support staff at NeoFertility for helping us achieve our dream of having children. 

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