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Caroline & David, Healthy Neo Baby After 2 Ectopic Pregnancies,2 Miscarriages, & 1 Fallopian Tube

By : neofertility on : 17th July 2020

We got married in June 2011. I was 32 and David was 40 therefore we started trying for a baby straight away. I always had regular periods and just assumed that I wouldn’t have any bother getting pregnant. After about a year nothing had happened so I went to my local GP and was then referred to the fertility clinic in our closest hospital. I was placed on the hospital waiting list for SIUI. 

In February 2013, before I was called to begin my IUI cycle, I felt very unwell one day. I went to the doctor and it turned out that I was actually pregnant but unfortunately it was ectopic. I was closely monitored by the hospital and I ended up miscarrying naturally at around 8 weeks. I did the SIUI cycle in autumn 2013 and it was unsuccessful. By Christmas 2013 I had fallen pregnant naturally again. I really did think that this was it! I had an early scan and we could see the baby’s heartbeat so we were sure that we were going to have a baby. Sadly, right before my 12 week scan I felt that something just wasn’t right. I had lost the baby at around 10 weeks. We were devastated. I felt so lost. 

I was offered another SIUI but again I fell pregnant naturally in May 2014. I was extremely nervous but I tried to remain positive and kept saying ‘third time lucky’. In the beginning of July I had severe pain in my right side and I just knew that this was another ectopic. I went to A and E and my fears were confirmed. I had to undergo surgery and ended up losing my right fallopian tube. By that August I had fallen pregnant again and once again I miscarried. My world just fell apart. I was so sad and was convinced that we would never have a baby. It was then that I heard about Dr. Phil Boyle and his team. After hearing a few success stories I was filled with hope and immediately made an appointment. 

I attended the clinic in October 2014. The doctors talked to us for around an hour gathering information about our fertility journey so far. By the end of the appointment we were on a new path and we left feeling so excited. I started an autoimmune diet and eliminated gluten, sugar, dairy, and caffeine. I was prescribed vitamin supplements and an appointment was arranged with a surgeon for a laparoscopy as they suspected I had endometriosis. In March 2015 I went for my laparoscopy and indeed was diagnosed with endometriosis! I was delighted as I thought this was the reason for all the miscarriages. It was successfully removed along with a cyst on one of my ovaries. By May 2015 I was pregnant again. Dr. Boyle and his team monitored me every step of the way over the phone and by email. Medications were altered in response to very regular blood tests, which kept track of my hormones. 

On the 7th February 2016 we welcomed our beautiful baby girl Annalise into the world. 

We will be forever indebted to D. Boyle and his team for making our dream of having a baby a reality. 

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