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Claire and Dave, 3 Healthy Neo Babies

By : neofertility on : 17th July 2020

We got married in 2013 and hoped to start a family almost straight away. Me being a Paediatric Nurse and Dave being from a family of 11 siblings, there was no question but we were so looking forward to having children. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens so I was aware it may not happen immediately but we were very hopeful. After 18 months with no success we made an appointment with NeoFertility. We had heard about Phil Boyle through one of my colleagues at work and the magic he worked for them to have their two beautiful boys. 

We arrived at our appointment in May 2013 and were greeted by Linda who was both professional and very welcoming which was heartwarming as inevitabley we didn’t know what to expect. I’ll always remember the hundreds of photos on the walls which I looked at first thinking it would make me sad because we may never achieve what we longed for but that quickly turns to great hope because we realised what great miracles and happiness have come out of the clinic.

We met With Dr. Boyle and he went through everything with a fine toothed comb ….and explained everything in great detail and made sure we understood which was a nice touch because it was a lot of info to take in. He went through our options and what treatment plan he had for us and if this fails what other investigations can be done and other methods so at least we knew instantly our plan and where we stood. We left knowledgeable and with a script and timeframe for each detail. 

I achieved pregnancy on the first round of treatment …..I may not have had menstruated for months at a time that was rectified and I was actually pregnant we couldn’t quite believe it, but sadly it never developed and I miscarried….and we were talked through our options again….we took a break until everything settled down again and commenced the treatment again and after a few months I got pregnant and had a healthy baby boy back in Feb 2017. Even during pregnancy the constant care and monitoring was second to none….blood tests and medications continued throughout pregnancy with constant guidance which inspired confidence in me as I was minded so well.

I went on to have 2 further miscarriages in April 2018 and Jan 2019, where I got pregnant without any help from NeoFertility but they still maintained input and guidance on bloods  but sadly couldn’t hold onto either of them. So we decided to go to NeoFertility again prior to getting pregnant next time because we felt with their help before and during pregnancy was the only way to successfully have a healthy pregnancy. We had our next appointment in April 2019 and basically went back on the same treatment as the previous successful pregnancy and sure enough we got pregnant and made it passed the deadly 8 or 9 weeks where I normally miscarried. We had our scan at 7 weeks and were absolutely shocked to find out I was carrying twins. I carried my twin girls until 37+4 weeks on Friday 13th of March with constant guidance and meds from NeoFertility. My pregnancy was textbook with no complications. I delivered them naturally with no NICU time after birth…the only bad thing about the whole thing was the timing of bringing twins into the world with the country going into lockdown the day before their birth.

So Thank You Neofertility for our 3 beautiful, healthy children, I’ve referred a few people your way and will continue to do so.  The card we have received both times is a lovely touch too. We cannot Thank You enough. 

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