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Cliona, 3 Healthy Neo Babies & Postpartum Depression Treatment

By : neofertility on : 17th July 2020

I had suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy prior to our first child, I thought our chances of ever having a baby were severely reduced. Despite this, we got pregnant with our first baby naturally and rather quickly. She was delivered 9 days late by Caesarean section. When she was about 6 months old we decided we would like another baby. Despite years of trying, and month after month of disappointment, this was not happening. I was told about Dr. Boyle and I went to visit him. 

He took a detailed history, and did a scan and blood tests. He was very quick to make a diagnosis and put me on medication and referred me to a fertility advisor. The support and “a shoulder to cry on” from my advisor was wonderful. She was there for me to answer any questions or concerns I had. Up to that point I felt very lonely in my journey, out at sea without a paddle so to speak. 

After just one month on medication, I was pregnant. The team supported me throughout the pregnancy with bloods, scans, and progesterone support. We had our second daughter 9 months later. We were delighted. Shortly after her birth I started to feel overwhelmed, and I quickly recognised that I had the baby blues. I called Dr. Boyle and he was on hand to help me with this. In no time at all I was feeling back to myself, and enjoying my new baby. 

We decided one more baby would complete our family. I visited Dr. Boyle, and he made some adjustments to my previous prescription, and we started medication again. It was not long before we were expecting our son. I had help and support from the team all the way through my pregnancy. It was so reassuring. 

Many years passed and without any medication or hormonal support, we were very surprised to discover I was pregnant with baby number 4. This was a wonderful surprise but also very worrying as we had no treatment to conceive. My early bloods indicated that this was a high-risk pregnancy and I needed medication to support me. Dr. Boyle monitored, medicated, and supported me for the whole pregnancy. With 100% confidence I feel we would have lost our baby if it was not for the help and support I received from the Neo team. 

I learned a lot about the service that Neo offered, from women’s health, secondary infertility, miscarriage risk, post natal depression and post delivery health. I found they were a one stop shop for women’s and gynaecological health. 

I firmly believe I would not have my wonderful family if it was not for the support of Dr. Boyle and his team

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