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Declan & Lorraine, Healthy Baby Chloe After 3 Miscarriages

By : neofertility on : 17th July 2020

Our first appointment was on December 5th 2016. At this time we were actually going through a third miscarriage which had just been confirmed that morning with HCG blood test results from our GP. Our first 2 miscarriages were over the previous 18 months, the first not being discovered until 14 weeks, and the second involved going though numerous scans where they couldn’t make a definite call until 8 weeks when the scan showed we were losing the pregnancy for definite again. We were lucky enough to have a little girl already who was 2 years old and who helped us get through each loss. I was 42 at this stage and very conscious of time passing by. 

It was through a friend who had been through a similar experience that we were made aware of NeoFertility and we were lucky enough to get a cancellation appointment that December rather than have to wait until the following February. Our first appointment set us up straight away with a plan where I was put on low dose naltrexone and the start of charting my cycle. We also did a number of follow on tests for bloods, a saliva test and an AMH test, and met with the fertility advisor twice to ensure all was going ok with the charting. My oestrogen and progesterone levels were low and the saliva test highlighted the need to take Dhea to help with stress / cortisol levels. 

Our second appointment was in March at which stage everything with my cycle was looking positive and we were prescribed hcg shots and Letrozole. We were one of the lucky ones who got pregnant immediately. Over the next few months we had regular blood tests for both oestrogen and progesterone levels to ensure the pregnancy was progressing well. Each one that passed gave more reassurance and only at one point did my levels drop, at a difficult time when I lost my mother, which was corrected by adjusting the dhea supplements I was taking. The quick response from all at Neo gave so much reassurance when you were on edge but every time I sent in results from a blood test their response was almost immediate which meant so much at the time. 

We had an 8 week scan at Neo at which point Dr Boyle was happy with everything and following that all of our contact was just regarding blood test results which was via emails to and fro and one final set of bloods which I went to them for towards the end of the pregnancy so that they could get more accurate readings. All of my other blood tests had been taken by the nurse at my own GP practice. Throughout the whole process we had just the 2 initial appointments with Neo, the scan appointment and that final blood test. Practically all of their support was via email or phone call thereafter. 

Following what was really a very smooth pregnancy we were blessed with the birth of our little girl Chloe on 9th December weighing a very healthy 8lbs. We could never thank NeoFertility enough for all they have done for us. Practically a year to the date that we first began the process we were bringing our beautiful healthy little girl home with us. Having been stuck in an endless cycle of miscarriages and heartbreak we could never have imagined that our problems could have been addressed so simply. 

Hopefully this story can be of help to someone. But once again I just want to thank you all for what you have done for us.

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