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Dr. Phil Boyle

Dr. Phil Boyle graduated in Medicine from Galway University in 1992 and is a member of both the Irish (MICGP) and Royal (MRCGP) College of General Practitioners.

Dr. Boyle is a member of the Irish Fertility Society and is currently president of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine. He developed NeoFertility in 2016 after 20 years experience with NaPro Technology Fertility treatment.

Dr. Boyle is the founder and director of NeoFertility and is a co-founder of the ChartNeo fertility app. He has helped over 3,500 couples achieve successful pregnancies, many after years of infertility, repeated miscarriage, and failed IVF.


Dr. Agnes Toth graduated in Medicine from Semmelweis University Budapest in 1999 and she is a member of the Hungarian Medical Chamber. She undertook her 5 year specialty training in Hungary and is a certified Obstetrician-Gynaecologist.

Dr. Toth has completed NaPro training in Omaha, Nebraska and is a Natural Family Planning Medical Consultant (NFPMC). She has been working with NeoFertility since May 2017 and has a special interest in insulin resistance and chronic inflammation and how they impact fertility.

Dr. Codruta Pandalache

Dr Codruta Pandalache graduated in General Medicine from Oradea University, Romania in 2006.

She has a passion for women’s healthcare and restorative fertility treatment. This was her inspiration for training in medicine in the first place.

Dr Codruta has over 15 years if clinical experience in medical practice in Ireland. She has completed Restorative Reproductive Medical (RRM) training with NeoFertility under the direction of Dr Phil Boyle.

She joined our Dublin clinic in March 2023 and is a welcome addition to the NeoFertility team.

Dr Codruta has a special interest in low AMH and recurrent miscarriage.

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